Centareum, a decentralized mobile marketing
platform, revolutionizing offline retail
businesses. Deals, promotions & events
all at a same place on the go.

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At Centareum, we believe and aim to impact the offline retail ecosystem with our easy to operate mobile marketing platform. With a champion design mindset and user-friendly mobile marketing platform, we believe the best retail experiences are yet to be.
We Are Reinventing Retail
Powered by Blockchain & AI, we have created a solution that allows more personalised and unique experiences for retail customers. Empowering offline retailers to clearly understand their customers.

Getting loyal customers is no more a dream, Centareum's easy to use reward system helps to incentivise customers and increase brand reach.
Now advertise for free, reach more customers, and increase sales at near zero costs.
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Retailers are able to Promote, Advertise and Create real-time campaigns driving customer acquisition and retention at near ZERO cost. Allowing retailers to translate the savings to customers with better deals without affecting their bottom-line.
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Chief Technology Officer
Strategic Advisor
Ishaan Gupta
Dr. Michael
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Anil J N Shukla
Chief Financial Officer
Scofield LI
Software Developer
Business Advisor
Head of Legal & Compliance
Chief Innovation Officer
Ankita Sambyal
Sushanth Shajil
Design Creative
Ganesh R
VP Marketing
Aditya Aman
Digital Marketing Associate
Corporate Strategy, Ex MD at Cummin
Head BD, US, Founder D Global
Lead Blockchain Developer
Laxmi Kanth
Jeremy "JJ" Khoo
Retail Advisor
Retail Advisor
Kulpreet Singh Bagla
Advisor, Ex Marketing Porsche
Niclas Braun
ICO Advisor, CEO Blocksmart
Timo Tripper
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Global Strategy, Leadership & Branding
Martin Rolls
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